Putty is a live talk show produced and hosted by Erin K Drew featuring long-form interviews with artists, writers and curators, performances from musical guests, games and comedic bits.

Putty is part documentary project, part party. It is a public art sculpture and playhouse where the talk show format is appropriated and distorted.

Originally staged at Indy’s State Street Pub as best case scenario bar chatter, Putty has honed its line of aesthetic questioning, focusing on the material realities of artist’s lives. Positioning itself as occupying a “low role in high art,” Putty has nothing to lose in foregrounding gossip and other topics glossed over in museum talks.

Putty has toured to Cincinnati, Columbus, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and will complete a season at Hopscotch Coffee in Bloomington, IN in 2019 with support from a BUEA Zone Arts Grant.

Guests have included Bree Flannelly Gerard, Carla Knopp, Becky Wilson, Hen, Paula Katz, Monster House Press, Anna Martinez, Process My Office, Anne Laker, Elisabeth Smith and Michael Milano, Nick Witten, Casey No, Ben and Janneane Blevins, Ari Attack, Kyle Herrington, Sharlene Birdsong, Nathaniel Russell, Gnat Bowden, Brian James Priest, Bad Psychic, John Collins McCormick, Marc Fischer, Gwendolyn Dot, Sarah Urist Green, Maxwell Carson and Esteban Garcia, Bella Bravo, Miss Lady, Jedediah Johnson, April Knauber, Caleb Cole, Spacer, Chelsea Flowers, Liz Wierzbicki, Tony Quintana and Maria Behringer, Death Valley, Maura Jasper, William Francis Bashore Keihn, OK Fox and Lucia Love, Peter Shear, Matthew Batty and Rachel De Cuba, The Bills, Carmen Winant, Keith Allyn Spencer, Winston Hytwr, Lindsey Whittle, David Corns, Celeste Neuhaus, Anna Azizzy, Kyrie Greenberg, Pan Yixuan, Raph Cornford and Mary Claire Pappas, Jenny Ollikainen, Heaven Honey and more.

Project website with videos here.

Putty poster | August, 2017


Putty Bloomington | with Matthew Batty and Rachel De Cuba. Performance shot, 2018.


Putty, December 2017 | A. Bowden with contemporary art prompt generator. Performance shot, 2017


Putty | John McCormick after physical challenge. Performance shot, May, 2018


Putty set portrait | At State Street Pub, August 2018


Putty, a live art talk show | Interview with Mark Dion at State Street Pub, 2018