Cartoon Research Lab


Cartoon Research Lab (2015-2016) was a monthly Saturday morning screening series in which participants curated sets of cartoons inspired by a monthly theme and presented them to the public.

The series provided an opportunity to consider the tropes of “classic cartoons” and recent animation bearing its influence. Guests enjoyed a regular Surrealist breakfast buffet (and lots of coffee) alongside other scholars of the medium.

Though General Public Collective was Cartoon Research Lab’s home, the CRL also contributed programming to Chicago’s Learning Machine gallery and the Mini Microcinema of Covington at the Carnegie Library.

Presentations were made by Marx Shoemaker, Brelyn Flannelly Gerard, Bethy Squires, Colin Jenkins, Aimee Brown, Max Morris, Jenna Caravello, 3 Ton Cinema, Lisa Berlin Jackson, John Flannelly, Justin Eagan, Danielle Graves and more with regular presentations by emcee Erin K Drew.

Cartoon Research Lab | At General Public Collective, 2015


Cartoon Research Lab poster | mixed media on paper, 2016. Spring “femme” edition


Cartoon Research Lab | promotional image, mixed media on paper, 2015


Cartoon Research Lab | English muffin face buffet, 2015.


Cartoon Research Lab | Justin with deviled quail eggs for breakfast smorgasbord, 2015