At Home

MFA Midway Exhibition
Grant Hall Gallery, UNLV
March 5-12, 2021

“At Home” filters Las Vegas atomic architecture, midcentury art history and Covid-era anxiety through a restless feminist lens and stakes them on a flimsy grid.
Unlikely parallel histories emerge from plastic tapestries.
Tours available, tips accepted!

“At Home” menu


“At Home” install view 1


“At Home” install view 2


“At Home” install view 3


“At Home” install view 4


“At Home” flag


“Loot Las Vegas”


“Recycling Bin with Ab Ex Cosplay”


“Fumes and Fiestaware”


“Cocktail Hour in Quarantine”


“Pop Spectres”


“Decorated Shed”


“Barf Manifesto”


“She Shed”


“Waiting (At Home)”


“At Home” install with menu


“At Home” menu (side 2)